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Push hands
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4 Important point of Push hands.
relaxation, structure, awareness, and listening energy.
6 styles of Push hands
1     Single hand  ( Dan tui)

2.    Double hand ( Shuang tui)

3.   Jin Yi Tui Yi (Shuang Bu)
       Single stepping with forward and backward steps.

4.    Da Lu
       This is Single stepping with forward and backward steps even lower stances.
       Da Lu is excellent for strengthening the legs and building martial endurance.

5.    Luang Cai Hua
       Free stepping tui shou.

6.    San Tui
       This means free push.  known as San Da.

8 skills of Push hands.
 peng (ward off), lu (roll back or yield),
ji (squeeze), anh (push),
cai (pluck), lieh (split),
zhou (elbow), khao (bump).  

5 steps

These are the five directional steps in Taijiquan

1.        Advance (Jin)
2.        Retreat (Tui)
3.        Guard Left or Angular Advance (Zuo Gu)
4.        Anticipate Right or Angular Retreat (You Pan)
5.        Central Equilibrium (Zhong Ding)

4 Combat Elements

There are 4 basic categories of combat in the Chinese Martial Arts.  These are Ti
(Kicking), Da (Striking), Shuai (Grappling, Wrestling Throwing), and Na (Seizing).  

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