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Students of the Summer 2013 Camp
Author:admin  Source:ourSite  Posted:2011-5-1 16:42:03  Hit:3228
YANGSHUO Tai Chi and Kung Fu SUMMER CAMP 2013.
Time; From fist week of March to last week of November
Includes: tuition, accommodation and food everyday.
We offer several different packages, each with variable time periods: 1 week, 1 month, etc.   We offer training in Tai Chi, Kung Fu and/or also the option to study Chinese.  See prices for more informatiom.
  • Full day Kung Fu
  • Full day Tai Chi
  • Half day Kung Fu / half day Tai Chi
  • Half day Kung Fu / half day Chinese
  • Half day Tai Chi / half day Chinese
OK, so what is actually included and what should I expect?
Tuition:  This is normally small group tuition.   The instructors speak English and can explain the concepts in English or Chinese (whichever you prefer)

Accommodation :  Standard single rooms with a aircon.   The rooms are clean but basic.   Please beware Chinese beds are hard (but hey, that’s because it’s good for your back).

Hot Water:  Each room is equipped with a hot shower (in this part of the country, hot water is not expected as standard that’s why we mention this) it's hot anyway.

Bedding:  Obviously.

Sharing :  The camp is based on twin share, so if you are a single person, you will be sharing a room with someone of the same sex.  If you want your own room, please email for more information.
Why lunch and dinner every day?
We provide you with lunch every day whilst training.   This way we ensure that you get some good food to keep you going through the day.  Obviously, the days you are not training, you don’t get food (everybody needs a little bit of a break).   This also gives you the opportunity to sample the food in Yangshuo.
Anyway, lets face facts…we can provide you with 3 meals a day, but if we say “3 meals a day” you will feel like you have paid for it so you must eat it.   We feel that this will greatly limit your options should you want to sample local food in Yangshuo or other locations.
Why so cheap?
The reason for the price is to create advertisement. We hope that you enjoy the summer camp and that you share information about our school with others.
Why Yangshuo?
Yangshuo is beautiful, tranquil and relaxed.   The school itself is set outside Yangshuo, allowing an escape from the ‘tourist trap’ yet close enough to cycle there should you wish too.   If you want hundreds or thousands of students training, then you are looking in the wrong place – try some where instead… oh and increase your budget too.
What we do?
This is a Tai Chi school, we teach Tai Chi and Kung Fu.   You may or may not be aware that Kung Fu is a form of Tai Chi, therefore we use the general term Tai Chi, but often refer to Kung Fu to be more specific.   You may have heard of many different terms to refer this: Tai chi, TaiChi, Tai ji, Taiji, Kung fu, Kungfu, Gong fu, Gongfu.   You probably have also heard the word Tai chi Quan or Tai chi Chuan, along with Qi Gong or Chi Gong or even push hands.

About us?
This is a first Tai Chi school in Yangsuo, which opened in May 2001 with Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes.   We hope the summer camp to start in March to November every year, if you want to guarantee your place, book sooner rather than later.
Master Huang Hua (Henry) has been teaching in Yangshuo for almost a decade and has been teaching and training elsewhere in China for over 20 years now.   He is very experienced, speaks good English and has a good reputation around Yangshuo China.

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