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Dominic's Learning Experience in Yangshuo tai chi school
Author:huanghua  Source:ourSite  Posted:2011-10-15 18:38:08  Hit:1911
Dear Taichi Friends,

It is one thing to learn about the ancestral QiGong vitality exercises, the Tao way of life and a way to celebrate that in every step in a manner we call Taichi Quan. But without the right people to show you the door steps, this journey would have been impossible to accomplish by myself. When these people share their heart and passion for life, they become friends. When you learn the power of Chi and when you learn that Chi is not affected by distance, then these friends are connected to you forever, no matter where you are in the world. 

It was an honour to share this wonderful experience with all of you through the openness of a very special chinese person who make me believe that everything is possible. Thank you Henry. Thank you Master Sifu. May all the pandas be proud of your accomplishment. I will never forget all the great teachers that each of you are: 

Thank you for teaching me that wisdom as no age and that all the richness of the world resides in a smile. Don't cut your hair. Keep trying to run your bike on water, you either succeed or make a lot of people smile.

Thank you for teaching me that a person's quest is never over and the best way to keep getting up everyday is by developing skills, exploring new mysteries and never stop doing it. And also that Ninja's can be very colourful!

Thank you for teaching me that to start a revolution, you must start by changing yourself, then the first person to your right. You are a revolutionist crab style spanish crazy natty dreads monk every person wish to meet in their life.

Thank you for teaching me that to be a great life's alchemist, you need to enjoy all the mystic and all the love God puts on your way. Enjoy it without involving the past or limiting yourself because of the future. Keep moving the clouds and drink chocolate my beloved white Witch!

Thank you for teaching me humility. It is true then that one fist can sometimes teach you more than one word. When you can use both, this is the Taichi way. You are the incarnation of human evolution; you have the body of a Caveman and the mind of a Jedi.

Kuan Li:
Thank you for teaching me that it's never too late to learn how to be free. "A broad spirit. Like the bird in the sky, very free. Like water, clean, soft. And Many, many, many...". Keep an eye on Jose for me. 

Thank you for teaching me Taichi. Thank you for showing me that in the calm resides the most powerful. Thank you for helping me to master inner peace. Thank you for being a living KungFu Panda and most of all: a great friend. See you in Thailand next year!    

Woah Eye Knee Men !!!

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