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Welcome to Yangshuo China
Author:admin  Source:本站  Posted:2010-5-28 22:48:38  Hit:5804

Yangshuo is a unique blend between Western and Chinese culture. It's not hard to understand why this small town attracts people from all over the world: the scenery is downright jawdropping, and there's plenty to do here. Whether you'd like to get a taste of rock climbing, Kung Fu, Taichi, cycling among rice fields and karst peaks, or just sit back and do absolutely nothing, you will be satisfied by this charming place. And if for some reason don't want to stick to the tradition and eat rice noodles for every breakfast, you can get toast at many places, as well as cheesecake, oreo sundaes, and quite a few other things the chinese having yet gotten into eating. As for the weather, as so many people put it, Yangshuo is in Spring all year round. In July, that's a Columbian Spring and in January, more of a Norwegian Spring, but it stays Spring, and that's what counts. Come in Summer if you don't mind getting drenched once in a while, and come in Fall if you love the sun.
Whatever you're coming to Yangshuo to do, I do hope you have an unforgettable time and enjoy everything it has to offer.


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