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We have designed several short trips which allow students to train on a regular basis whilst visiting the highlights of each city or town.  Yet our ethos remains the same - to become involved in the local life of each place.  We use a variety of transport, both public and private, including buses, taxis, bikes, boats and trains.  For longer journeys we mostly take overnight sleeper trains, but occasionaly we take a flight.  The accomdation we use is equally varied, we like to include a stay with a local family,  sometimes a guesthouse or a hotel.  We also love to camp outdoors in the mountains, on the beach, or close to a waterfall, where we have lots of space to practice Tai Chi and connect with the nature around us.  Being a Tai Chi Traveller is a way of living,  it means you have freedom to practice anywhere, and  at any time, and this is reflected in the fluidity and spontaneity of our trips.


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