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a feedback from UK
Author:admin  Source:本站  Posted:2010-5-28 22:49:56  Hit:1939

I met Henry in Yangshuo China in 2008 after i left Ireland on my first trip to China for the purpose of spending a few years deepening my practice of Chen Tai Chi. I met a lot of teachers of many martial arts who where just hype and only interested in a quick buck and their own egos and after 3 months in Yangshuo began to wonder if i had made a mistake. With over 30 years of martial arts behind i was not as easy to fool as the casual and merely curious travelers. i had trained one world champion kick boxer, a few national champions,been invited to represent South Africa twice,did 15 years of Kyokushin and various other styles of Karate, worked with police anti terrorist and military special forces and studied chin na in depth. Along with 20 years practicing Chi Gung and teaching yoga and remedial movement. Meeting Henry made me realise how little i actually know about martial arts and i am still rubbing a bruised ego. Henry has been helping me rebuild my Chen practice from the ground up and it is making such a difference and i am in no hurry, this will take a long time and realizing this was important. Working with a master of Henry’s level is great , no time is wasted and nothing new is taught until previous is mastered, a bit of a long way round but i know i wont have to dump a shoddy form again. Too many of my tai chi friends learnt too much before mastering the basics and developing a suitable foundation. My practice is getting better by the day, much better, and this learning method definitely works.


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