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a feedback from US
Author:admin  Source:本站  Posted:2010-5-28 22:50:05  Hit:1521

There has been so much work with Hua Huang that it truly deserves its own post. We feel we have developed a wonderful connection with Hua. He is a most amiable master - patient, humorous and wise. At the age of 30, he has devoted most of his life to the study of Tai Chi. He is the three-time national Tai Chi champion of China, and has an impressive set of other certifying credentials that have taken him to a Level 6 Master (apparently there are 9 total levels, and only a few people get to a 9 and it could take a lifetime). We were not actually aware of all of this when we signed up with him, but have come to learn much about his background and his mission for his life to teach Tai Chi to those visiting Yangshuo to train, and also to welcome foreigners to China and for them to experience the culture while also intensively learning Tai Chi.


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