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Click here for get to Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy
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Master Huang Hua

or Master Tang Hong Lan (Tina)

Mobile: 86-013558136358



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Getting Here

From where will you come ?

1.Getting to China

If you are coming from outside of China, then there are easy transport links to Guilin from any of the following cities:

Hongkong   (flight or local transport to Shenzen)

Beijing   (24 hour overnight train / flight)

Shanghai  (20 hour overnight train / flight)

Guangzhou  (13 hours overnigt train / flight)

Shenzhen   (13 hours overnigt train / flight)

Kunming  (19 hour overnight train / flight)

Bangkok (flight only)

From these cities it is easy and reasonably priced to take a train or fly direct to Guilin.


2.To Guilin

Guilin Airport   

 The school can arrange the taxis or bus direct from Guilin airport to school

Or you may take CAAC bus from Airport to Guilin and then take bus to Yangshuo.

Recommend you to take taxi when you traveling with luggage.

 Guilin train-station

 The school can arrange the taxis or bus direct from Guilin train-station to school

There are many buses from train-station to Yangshuo

Recommend you to take taxi when you travelling with luggage.


3.In Yangshuo  

If you are in Yangshuo just give us a call (13558136358 ) or walk to our school directly.
Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy is conveniently located 2 kilometers outside of Yangshuo, near the Li River side, located in Tian Jia He (Tian Jia River or Called the Dragon River ) Village,near the light show liu san jie. Just 20 minutes walk 5 minutes bike from the bus station or West Street.
Add: Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy
     No.120 Tian jia he village,Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi, China

Add: 120 Tian jia he village,Yangshuo,Guilin,Guangxi,China Zipcode:541900 Tel:86-13558136725
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