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Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy offers a wide range of training proposal to fulfill the different expectation of every student.

For every single student can be arranged a customized training's schedule based on his actual skills, age and purpose of training: health enhancement, sport, competitions, teaching or just taste Chinese culture.


The training done in the academy can be documented by a certificate released by Master Huang itself to give evidence of what the student learned and what's his actual level. 


To help in the understanding and in the choice we also offer standards training course prepared to meet most of expectations that different students may have.




-BEGINNERS TRAINING PROGRAM any time (minimum recommended: 1 month)

Starting to learn tai chi is like to open a new gate in your life, that allow you enter the domain of self enhancement and that give you a new power that will never live you anymore. Let our school be the cornerstone of that gate and master Huang Hua your guide in this new amazing world.



After the first impact you will be hungry to go deeper and deeper, the time will stop and your self-awareness will increase.

Are you ready for this step?



Teaching is an inspiring way to deepen your own practice and understanding of Tai Chi. You will be surprised to realize how much you earn from teaching Tai Chi.

6 months primary program – first level teacher

12 months intermediate program – second level teacher

24 month advanced program – third level teacher or instructor


-WELLNESS PROGRAM. any time (minimum recommended: 1 month)

Tai Chi Chuan yang style is the main part of our Wellness Program which is also composed by tai chi Chen style, Qi Gong, meditation and relaxation technique. The methods are built on Chinese Traditional Medicine and are based on simple, practical and easy learning exercise.

Wellness means much more than just the absence of disease. Wellness is a form of life aimed at achieving an optimal physical, mental and spiritual state.


-SPORT PROGRAM. any time (minimum recommended: 1 month)

The Tai Chi Chuan Chen style sport program is for sport-oriented people. This intensive training including many components and is focused on Qi Gong and Tai chi Chen exercise to enhance athletics skills and strength in the whole body.

For any specific request is possible to create an individual schedule after a personal interview.


- FAMILY PROGRAM. any time (minimum recommended: 2 weeks)

The Tai Chi Chuan family program will show you how to use this unique Chinese Martial Art to make your family life more enjoyable.

You will learn simple Qi Gong and Tai chi exercise to practice all togheter with your family helping you to develop a connecting harmony with your close relatives. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are used with this purpose also by western psychologist and results are amazing.


-KIDS PROGRAM. any time (minimum recommended: 1 week)

 Let us show you how to keep kids in better physical and mental condition using Tai Chi Chuan.

The program will develop like a game and will help the children to know his own body and to discharge his aggressiveness. For them who will follow the program for a long time we will introduce the practice of tai chi and Qi Gong step by step considering the attitude and the age of the kids.

This program can be done in connection with the Family program.



Do you want to become a tai chi expert? This is the program for you.

Depending on the time you spend in the school and on the starting skills you will get: Introduction, Silk reeling, Walking steps, Rotation, Stretching, Kicks, Relaxation, Body part training, Meditation, Qi gong, Tai Chi Forms bare hands and weapons, basic and advanced push hands techniques.

You will have the chance to go deep into Chinese culture with: tai chi culture, tai chi theory, tai chi and Chinese Philosophy, how apply tai chi in Daily life, Chinese language, cooking lessons.


-TAI CHI TRAVELER  PROGRAM. 1 week to 4 weeks

Do you want to practice tai chi but also travel all over China or even other parts of Asia?

You do not need to choose one or the other.

The brand new and original tai chi traveler program can allow you to travel with a tai chi instructor in the most beautiful place of China or Asia and at the same time enjoy everyday lessons from a qualified teacher.

This program is 100% flexible and adaptable to every expectation and needs.

To learn more about it click here.



-ADVANCED TRAINING PROGRAM. any time (minimum recommended: 1 month)

This program is for advanced students, teachers or masters who has been practice tai chi before and that have high level skills or that have already attended the teacher training program, the 6 month intermediate training program or the comprehensive training program and who wish to develop and deepen their knowledge and skills.

The schedule will be customized based on age, level and purpose of the student.



Click here to check Teacher Training Program for 2017 Details 


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